Cable stayed bridge in Greece

Need for the construction of Rion-Antirion bridge in the Gulf of Corinth.

The bridge unites two major roads which form a part of the European motorway. Before the bridge was built, It takes 45 mins from the ferry to cross the Gulf of Corinth. Now it only takes 5 mins that’s 9 times increase in speed. Every day around 10,000 vehicles travel…

Sensory Overload in a synesthete.

The Human brain is an amazing creation, unique in its function and versatility. At birth, our brains are remarkably unfinished. The neurons are present but aren't connected. The cause and effect otherwise response-action is developed by the details of life experiences. …

Pledging the greatness of Science.

As this is my first post on medium I would like to give a small introduction. This blog is completely science-based. In this blog, you can learn about the cause and effect happening in regular activities, a brief explanation of new technologies, exploring different approaches…

Kavya Shree

I am currently pursuing my undergraduation in the field of computer science. This blog is for exploring facts.

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